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Science Camp

science camp instructors 2015The Science Camp is a fun look at different technologies covering the areas of robotics, geology, chemistry, electricity and solar power, biology, astronomy and rockets combined with a week of fun. Children get to explore different areas of science as a viable career choice while having a great, fun-filled week.


Having a Blast!

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“One reason [for the camp] is to get kids interested in science, but the other reason is to further the knowledge that the kids are already interested in,” said Sarah Innocenti, University of Illinois science major and mobile science camp instructor. “We’re educating, but at the same time we want them to have fun. Fun is the most important factor.”

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IMG 0176s smallScientists Save the Earth

Earth is in peril and needs your help!  An unknown threat lurks in your midst and has left your group isolated.  You are humanity's last hope.  Join the science crew as they investigate, diagnose and solve the crisis.  Through the course of the week, the scientist will apply their expertise in a variety of scientific fields gathering clues that leads to the solution.  Beware, danger abounds and time is short. Can you resolve the crisis in time?


Science camp includes exposure to a variety of science fields under a role-playing context, giving kids a chance to "play" with science through hands-on experiments that will appeal to both girls and boys.  Each field introduces concepts, tools and a team initiative leading to clues.  games and other initiatives are interspersed throughout to keep the time fun and fast paced.

team comm problem solv2The camp emphasizes team building skills, communication and problem solving while nurturing the participant's inquisitive nature.  Successful completion of each module earns group members a piece of the "puzzle".  Once all the puzzle pieces are collected, the solution is found. Participants receive materials each day to take home; intending to encourage family interest and reinforce the positive lessons and behaviors emphasized in camp.

Robotics & Fun - a Perfect Combination

Robotics challenges and trains children in how they think about instructing a device to move. These images are some of the children in a whimsical and fun exercise in learning the art of giving directions.

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Students put their robots through the exercises, learning the steps in developing working, productive robots for real life.


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Electronic kits are a great way to learn about electronics. While making different moving and working models, students get hands-on experience while having a lot of fun.

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